Foreign investment in Ireland at record €1.1 trillion

Foreign direct investment (FDI) in Ireland rose €16.9 billion to a record €1.126 trillion in 2020, according to Ireland’s Central Statistics Office (CSO).

The CSO said United States was the biggest investor in Ireland in 2020, accounting for €839 billion of its inward FDI positions.

There were 87,473 employees “of Irish affiliates in the US.”

Foreign direct investment from the UK in Ireland in 2020 amounted to €15 billion and there were 96,416 employees “of Irish affiliates in the UK.”

The CSO said 25 firms make up 68% of Ireland’s inward FDI.

“This shows how highly concentrated Irish FDI is given that there are thousands of firms that receive FDI investments in Ireland …” said the CSO.

“The share of Irish FDI by US investments has risen steadily over the period shown, while their FDI positions have grown significantly following a large increase in 2015 relating to the financing of intellectual property in Ireland …”

Meanwhile, Ireland’s FDI positions abroad fell €14 billion to €975.6 billion.

The CSO said ” …Irish FDI abroad can be higher, for certain years, than the FDI position in Ireland.

“This is determined to a large extent by Redomiciled PLCs in Ireland …

“… these companies own more than half of Irish FDI positions abroad.

“For confidentiality purposes, data in 2015, 2016, 2017 are redacted for US and other ultimately owned Irish resident investment abroad.”