Euroclear appoints Valérie Urbain new CEO

Valérie Urbain

Euroclear announced that Valérie Urbain will succeed Lieve Mostrey as its group chief executive officer (CEO) in May.

Brussels-based Euroclear is one of the world’s largest securities settlement houses. It provides settlement and custody of domestic and cross-border securities for bonds, equities and derivatives, and investment funds.

The Euroclear group comprises Euroclear Bank, International Central Securities Depository, as well as Euroclear Belgium, Euroclear Finland, Euroclear France, Euroclear Nederland, Euroclear Sweden, Euroclear UK & International and the fund platform MFEX.

“Lieve Mostrey has been leading Euroclear as group CEO since January 2017 and, in July 2023, it was announced that she would retire as CEO of Euroclear,” said the company.

“Lieve joined Euroclear in October 2010 as Executive Director and Chief Technology and Services Officer.

“Prior to Euroclear, she was a member of the Executive Committee of BNP Paribas Fortis. On 10 January 2024, Lieve was recognised for her achievements in leading Euroclear when she was named as the winner of the prestigious Trends Manager of the Year 2023.

“Valérie Urbain joined Euroclear in 1992 and is Executive Director and member of the Euroclear Group Management Committee.

“As Chief Business Officer, a role she has held since 2021, she currently has overall responsibility for the commercial and product development of the group.

“Valérie has played a key role in shaping the group’s business strategy and driving its implementation. Under her leadership, a high focus on client centricity has resulted in record levels of client satisfaction and sustained business income growth in 2023.

“Before her position as Chief Business Officer, Valérie was CEO of Euroclear Bank, the group’s International Central Securities Depository (ICSD).

“Between 2009 and year end 2014, she was CEO of the Euroclear ESES Central Securities Depositories (CSDs), namely Euroclear Belgium, Euroclear France and Euroclear Nederland.

“Valérie has held a number of other positions at Euroclear, including as Chief People Officer.”

Euroclear Group chairman Francesco Vanni d’Archirafi said: “On behalf of the board, management and all staff, I would like to thank Lieve for her important contribution to the growth of the group.

“Under her tenure, Euroclear has further expanded its global footprint, has enriched its funds offering notably through the acquisitions of MFEX and Goji, has strengthened its resilience and reputation as a systemic financial market infrastructure and has accelerated value creation for shareholders.

“As a key member of the leadership team, Valérie has also played an important role in the success of Euroclear.

“Not only does she bring unparalleled knowledge of Euroclear and its clients, but has also been a key architect of its current business strategy.

“The board is delighted to appoint such a strong internal leader and is confident in her abilities to take the company forward.

“As she takes up the new role, the board will continue to support Valérie and her management team in their commitment to deliver value for our shareholders, clients, employees, and the communities we serve.”